With our new Prism Technology, we propose a whole range of very innovative displays : standard models as well as custom-made products intended to catch the eyes of your visitors or customers. All our showcases are customisable and evolutionary.
It is an innovative way to present your products and a very good way to increase your sales. The showcases can be customised according to the needs, and we can also interact the three-dimensional images with real physical objects.

Our showcases can be installed on trade-shows, showrooms, shops, shopping centres, museums, airports, events, on the reception areas of companies, hotels and so on.

We provide you a turnkey solution, including the showcase (standard or custom made)  and also the realisation of the holographic film/video if needed.
Our designers end engineers team are specialised in the conception and the integration of every type of specific screenings for our various showcases, to optimise the presentation of your brand and products.
We can manufacture very small showcases as well as very big sizes showcases. Colours, shapes, textures can also be adapted to your needs as well as integration of your logo.